Revolut (ionize) Your Wallet!

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I suppose I belong to the group of first people who opened an account in Revolut not only in Poland but across all Europe. Back then, it was not popular and most people were afraid of using the application thinking that their personal data might be stolen or they would lose the money they have inside of the account. Let’s be honest. I don’t use Revolut for my savings. What I do is I send some amount that I am planning to use during the following month after I receive my salary and the rest I leave in my savings account to receive some amount of interest. Actually this is the only part I don’t like with Revolut that they don’t have a savings account although they have a banking license in Europe and they could definitely give us the luxury to gather all money within one application. You would have even your money under protection up to some amount due to the banking license they have. Except for my savings, all of my transactions are going through Revolut and I am pretty happy till now.

So what are the advantages of Revolut that made me stop using traditional banks for my daily transactions? It is absolutely impossible for me to list all of the advantages within only one post but let’s hope that it will be a great beginning for you to be curious about the possibilities and discover further on your own using the application itself:

The only thing that I can complain of right now is that they don’t want us to have access to the account on Web Browser. You can only use the mobile app to manage your account, which is cool for me, but I think it is worth mentioning since this might disturb some of you after a while.

Lastly, please don’t have an idea that I receive any commission from them, because I really don’t. I only have a free Metal Account for 1 year, because I found 5 people to register but that’s it. So please just ignore your feelings that this post is refunded by them. Just to make you feel better I don’t share any links within this post.

In case you still have some fears to open an account in Revolut, I hope I helped you to remove this barrier since I really think that you will only have the use of this application.


Ozan Tellioglu




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